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Friday, 9 December 2016


Discuss with your local installer on the cable and installation cost or call us for our advice or even better if you could DIY to save cost in cabling works!

Identify how many "points" required for your premise (example : Single-Leaf Door = 1 Point / 1 Single Panel Window = 1 Point / Double Panel Window = 2 Points / 1 piece Grille = 1 Point)

Do you wish to add-on other accessories such as Motion Detector / Glassbreak Detector / Smoke Detector / Photobeam Sensor / Boundary Guard / Additional Keypad(s) / Remote Control?

Tips :

#1. How many Zones do you need? That will depend on how you would like to segmentise based on your house layout (example : Zone 1 for Tamper Switch | Zone 2 for Living Hall | Zone 3 for Kitchen & Backyard | Zone 4 for Master Bedroom | Zone 5 for Roof)

#2. Add VDMP3 Voice Module Card to enable the voice feature. This is a Plug-in Voice Module, able to dial up to 5 telephone numbers to report burglar , panic, or fire alarm using prerecorded messages (English)

#3. Get a FREE mounting bracket from our sales counter if you purchase Motion Detector

#4. Request your installer to use high quality cable (Full Copper) and piping/casing conduit when lay cables. Try not to cut cost when it comes to security!

#5. If your cables are damaged during construction/renovation ; worry not because Paradox Alarm System is modular! This is one of the reasons we love Paradox besides its reliability and low return rates. You can save the hassle of repairing the cable by fixing a wireless receiver and transmitter module to replace the faulty sensor.

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