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Tuesday, 6 December 2016


What is 4-in-1 CCTV camera? 

It means the camera is interchangeable between these signals :

  • TVI
  • AHD
  • CVBS (Analog)

How to switch signals?

Using a UTC Controller. 
  • Press "Enter" first and then hold the direction button for 10 seconds to change
  • Alternatively it can also be switched using the latest XVR Pentabrid DVR via PTZ menu

After switch is there any changes to the resolution / lens angle?

  • The native signal is HDCVI, whereby the resolution and sharpness will be optimum. After switching to another signal, there will be a drop in video quality. (Refer to Lens Angle & Distance Table)

What are the differences between HCVR4xxx / HCVR5xxx / HCVR7xxx?

  • 4000 Series DVR can support up to 720P cameras and less
  • additional IP cameras compared to its big brothers.
  • 5000 Series DVR can support up to 1080P non-realtime recording.
  • 7000 Series DVR can support 1080P realtime recording for all channels

What is NT model?

NT Model refers to a Quadbrid DVR whereby it can process 4 types of signal HDCVI, CVBS, AHD  and IP. All other features are exactly the same as S3 model.

Difference between S3 and S2?

S3 model is enhanced in terms of Hard Disk capacity where it can now support up to 6TB per drive. It also supports additional IP cameras instead of replacing the analog channels as in S2 models. Each IP camera can go up to 5MP instead of only 2MP in S2. Additional features such as Intelligent Detection and Video Matrix are available on certain S3 models.

Why HCVR8816S-S3?

This is the premium range Ultra Quadbrid DVR where it has high processing capabilities. It can support up to 64 IP cameras of 12MP each. Video signal inserted into its BNC input are self-adaptive,
meaning it can auto-detect and display either HDCVI, AHD or CVBS signals. It also has Advance functions such as Smart Tracking and People Counting.

What is XVR?

XVR is the upgraded version of NT model where it can support all 5 signals in one device. The Pentabrid DVR has self-adaptive features to these signals: HDCVI / AHD / TVI / CVBS. Comes with built-in Video Analytics.

Source : Belco's official website

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