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Tuesday, 25 July 2017


To all our fellow dealers we would like to start by thanking you all for your continuous support. If you didn’t know already, we are approaching the third month after being awarded distributorship of DAHUA brand. For the past couple of months, we have been putting in a lot of effort and time on improving the pricing structure, learning new products, creating new strategies and offering special promotions to further strengthen our position in the industry.

We have made several improvements to our Price Lists and will continue to improve on it as we go along. This current copy will now be renamed as PRICE BOOK; partly because it has become as thick as a book and now contains over 500 products for your one-stop solution. We have inserted a new feature into our Price Book - the softcopy version will contain links to brochures/datasheets, yes you heard us right! Due to the vast product range, please bear with us while we are working on the links for you. Our aim is to provide convenience and complete references to our dealers where no other distributor in Malaysia could offer such updated and accurate material. We hope this Price Book could serve as your main source of reference to securing jobs and projects, and most importantly making good profit out of it.

The NEW JULY PRICE BOOK (hardcopy & softcopy) is now available for take-away and download. Please login to Dealer Zone in our website for downloadable links, latest promotions and announcements. In addition, if you would like to receive our promotions and/or announcements through Whatsapp – you may add 012- 206 3722 to your mobile contact.

Last weekend our company was a part of the NEC Trip held at Phuket, Thailand – where our Purchasing, Marketing and Support staff who attended had a great time at the ATV ride to the mountain top. The two-hours off-road ATV ride sharing the same path with elephants, passing slopes and muddy puddles was indeed very memorable. We look forward to more trips like this and especially our own incentive trip for BELCO dealers. It is always a good feeling to organize new and exciting things for the trip. We look forward to announcing our second Belco Incentive Trip soon, so stay tuned!

Lastly, may we remind you to submit the TICKET REDEMPTION form to us by end of this month to redeem your gifts.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


BELCO is excited to announce the achievement of DAHUA brand distributorship in Malaysia for HDCVI and IP Lite Series. We are now officially DAHUA’s brand partner and we will be distributing cameras and recorders stock with DAHUA logo once our new stock arrives. For customers who opt for OEM, please contact us to notify so we can arrange OEM goods for you.

We are also pleased to thank all our loyal partners for your time at our event MALAM GEMPAK on last Thursday despite the heavy downpour and massive traffic congestion. There were a few hiccups in the event but the night turned out good with wide buffet spread, stand-up comedy performance and informative presentation by DAHUA and WD. Also, all photos from the event have been uploaded into our Facebook page, Come visit our page and check out your photo.

In other news this week, our June Price List has been released and available for download. You can view the price list from our Dealer Zone on BELCO website
We have many new exciting products and price reduction on certain models. We believe with our complete range of reliable products and solutions, you are able to easily close deals and secure more projects.

In conjunction of Ramadhan month, our courier agents will arrive slightly earlier for pick-up. Please make necessary arrangement to purchase goods earlier in order to be picked up by our courier agents at 2pm. Do liaise with Ms Susan and Cik Hasna from our Logistic department for ordering and arranging transportation.

Here’s a reminder to use the 2x BELCO TICKET which you obtained during the event. BELCO Reward Redemption Campaign is approaching the closing date soon. Do collect more and redeem from our gift list in July.

Lastly in this newsletter, to all our Muslim partners, may the Almighty bless you and answer all your prayers. Selamat Berpuasa. May this month be a month full of blessings.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


As in the February Newsletter, BELCO is delighted to announce the opening of our new Technical & Warranty Department which is more spacious and comfortable. In order to enhance the quality of our after-sales service, we hope to provide a pleasant setup and a professional workflow, as we strive to keep improving to become a prominent security systems distributor in Malaysia. Please visit our Technical Team at Unit No. 8.

BELCO is also pleased to announce the appointment of 3 new additional members to our team, Desmond as our Sales Consultant, Ah Wai as our Technical Support, Jazz as our Systems Consultant. As always, our team is hard at work thinking of ways to support our dealers and to offer our best assistance to our dealers.

In conjunction of 24th April (Monday) has been declared a public holiday to celebrate the installation of Sultan Muhammad V as the 15th Yang di-Pertuan Agong, BELCO will be closed accordingly. We will resume business as usual on the following working day. Kindly take note and plan your purchases ahead.

In other news this week, our April Price List has been released and available for download. You can view the price list from our Dealer Zone on the BELCO website.

Lastly in this newsletter, we are excited to organize BELCO Reward Redemption Campaign for the second time with longer campaign period and more exciting gifts. From 1st April to 30th June, we began our Reward Redemption Campaign which tickets will be given for every 4ch, 8ch, 16ch CCTV Package purchase. Happy collecting! Please find attached files for gift list.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Dear all valued dealers,

Recently we were informed that some previous DVR/NVR/HCVR models (V2, S2, S3) has a vulnerability causing the IP address being changed, or remote viewing not accessible.
We regret to inform you that you might need to go to client site to apply some settings to fix this issue. The main cause of this issue is due to users still using the default passwords.
That is why Dahua latest DVRs (XVR series) forces you to change the default admin password during startup to prevent further such cases.

Anyhow, to fix the current issue should it arise, first you need to access the DVR menu locally and reset ALL to Factory Default:

Secondly, you will need to change BOTH the default passwords for local account ‘888888’ and remote account ‘admin’.

Third step is to set the IP address to DHCP or static IP as per your previous setting.
Do not change the Preferred and Alternate DNS, maintain as and (P2P requires these DNS to work).

Fourthly, enable P2P, Apply and make sure it shows Online.
*Ignore this if you’re using DDNS method, you may proceed with QuickDDNS setup.

If this issue has not happen, kindly insist your customers to change the default passwords as mentioned above.
We are really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

BELCO NEWSLETTER (21 FEBRUARY 2017) Highlights : Technical & Warranty Department / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Overseas Incentive Trip


It has been a busy week here in BELCO, but a very satisfying one. As we have mentioned in previous Newsletter, we feel very positive as we begin our second month in the new year of operations here at BELCO ; primarily in terms of setting up a new Technical & Warranty Department which is more spacious and comfortable. In order to enhance the quality of our after-sales service, we hope to provide a pleasant setup and a professional workflow, as we strive to keep improving to become a prominent security systems distributor in Malaysia.

What else has excited us this week? Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam – Overseas Incentive Trip. We do hope our dealers are refreshed after our recent short holiday. A variety of activities, ranging from a visit to The Hundred Years Red Cathedral, Old Post Office, Ben Thanh Market, My Tho, to adventurous sampan ride in palm shading creeks of the riverside, to dinner on board La Perie Del’s Orient Cruise. Our dealers also went to the War Museum,  discovered the secret world of the Cu Chi Tunnel and experienced shooting with real weapons AK47, M16 and M60. Our Vietnam trip also included a special arrangement of motorcycle ride in the city where our dealers were being chauffeured by local ladies in traditional costumes to experience the busy roads and intersections without traffic-lights. And, if you’d asked us how best to walk across Vietnam’s infamous roads as a tourist, our tour guide actually told us to just walk at a steady pace without stopping and looking as the drivers and bikers will avoid you. Please enjoy this trip’s photos.

Finally, I would also like to remind everyone that our office will be closed on 6th March (Monday) for our company trip. Our office will be open for operations on 7th March, Tuesday.

Have a lovely week ahead!


Highlights & Promotions: 
  1. BELCO 4MP HDCVI CNY 2017 PROMO (Extended) 
  2. CNY OFFER (PWP Monitor & Power Supply for 4MP Package)
  3. SEAGATE HDD ** Limit to one unit per package only (PWP for 4MP Package)
  4. VL-SVN511 Video Intercom System (Smartphone Connect) 

* For more details, please check our promotional leaflets /

Monday, 13 February 2017



** Contact us if you're an installer / dealer / reseller for quantity pricing :


Summary of what's in the new price list (FEB 2017)

1000 series                                                  
Budget HD/Megapixel camera, narrow angle, compensate with a 2.8mm lens

1100 series                                                  
Budget HD/Megapixel camera (quality is better than 1100), wider angle, 3.6mm lens, propose this camera if customer request change to Analog signal

NEW! Build-in Mic, Array IR (IR LED up to 50 meter), Need to use with high end XVR such as XVR54xx, XVR58XX & HCVR5108

NEW! Build-in Mic, WEDGE TYPE Housing, Need to use with high end XVR such as XVR54xx, XVR58XX & HCVR5108

What is STARLIGHT?                                  
Image has colour ; eventhough in low light condition

Image is 360 degrees view (round). To dewarp the image; need to use XVR8816S

What is AUTO TRACKING?                        
Can set to target and follow an object. Auto Tracking for (example : 10 seconds)

This NEW PTZ has Auto Tracking feature

What is PTZ?                                                
PTZ means Pan, Tilt and Zoom. Pan is (up and down) Title is (left and right)

E1670SWU at the moment no stock ; FREE UPGRADE to E970SWNL is allowed

NEW! This is Timah balut Tembaga (Tinned Pure Copper) More expensive and better quality. Good for outdoor / concealed cabling

To be used with RCA001 and RCA002 depending on customer’s cable? RG59 or RG6

Can support 8 cameras (maximum)

All PVT and Video Balun cannot support 4MP at the moment

What is Perforated?                                    
Perforated front door has holes (lubang) Top up money if customer wants this type

F21-LITE and F22                                        
Exclusively for BELCO distribution ; using BioID sensor ; support Fingerprint and Pin Number ; cannot support card

Fingerprint Sensor Technology   
ZK Fingerprint Sensor, BioID, SilkID ~ SilkID is FBI US Certified (when scan, is white light) / ZK Fingerprint & BioID when scan, is green light)

FBI US Certified ; Spoof Finger Detection

X6 (China Model) X7 (International Model) Our new batch is X7 with higher grade and better material, more advanced, different programming method

Coming Soon! Using MOBILE APP connect through Bluetooth for programming (Name, Time Attendance, Access Control) Can also use Bluetooth to open door

Device now has BELCO logo

Access Control Packages                            
REMOVED ; replaced with Bundle Package A and B  // Bundle Card ID or MF

Can choose either Bundle A or B ** AND ** Bundle Card ID or MF

Reminder : Bundle Package B ( Cannot upgrade to double EM LOCK because the power adaptor cannot support double EM LOCK) Power is not sufficient

4 DOORS IN only (Cannot support OUT Readers) Out using push button only

use ZKPSM030B Power Supply. ZKPSM’s power only enough to support C3-400. Add PSB007 if customer purchase EM LOCK

HOTEL LOCK                                                
(Back to Back Order) Brochure already printed and available in our showroom

Remember to propose this for HOTEL ADMIN to enroll card. This encoder can READ / WRITE to program hotel-stay-duration & room number

Energy Saving Switch inside HOTEL ROOM. Insert card for lights/power in the room

F80 & F160 - NEW! Mount on table

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

CCTV MALAYSIA: HARD DISC - Western Digital Purple Surveillance & Seagate Dahua Skyhawk Surveillance

We have two Hard Disc brands in store to cater for your CCTV / Surveillance recording needs and budget. 

    WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drives (7200rpm)
    (1TB / 2TB / 3TB / 4TB / 6TB)
    Seagate Skyhawk Surveillance Hard Drives (5900rpm)
    (1TB / 2TB / 3 TB / 4TB / 6TB) 

** 2017 Latest Release : SEAGATE DAHUA CCTV Skyhawk Surveillance Hard Drives 

Skyhawk Surveillance Hard Drives

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