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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Discuss with your local installer on the cable and installation cost or call us for our advice or even better if you could DIY to save cost in cabling works!

Identify how many cameras required for your premise (example : 1 unit of weatherproof camera at car porch, 1 unit of weatherproof camera at backyard, 1 unit of weatherproof camera in wet kitchen, 1 unit of indoor camera in living hall)

Allocate a budget and understand which system you wish to implement prior cabling works. We have a wide range of CCTV cameras ranging from Basic Analog, High Resolution Analog, Hybrid (Analog + IP), Analog HD, Full HD to IP Megapixels. It will depend on what resolution you are looking for in a CCTV video/image and of course the higher resolution the better the clarity!

Tips :

#1. If your premise is under renovation, the best time to lay CCTV cable is before patching and painting works! If budget is an issue, you may lay the cable first and decide on implementing the system later. Everyone needs a CCTV for a specific reason, but mostly to secure their premise with the most reliable and stable 24-hour "eyes".

#2. CCTV comes hand-in-hand with an ALARM System. When your alarm is triggered and you receive a notification phone call while you are away, CCTV comes in handy because you can analyse the situation by accessing your CCTV system using your mobile and immediately contact the POLICE if you spot any suspicious activities or otherwise disarm the alarm if it's just a false alarm. Saves you time, gives you convenience and peace of mind!

#3. Where do you intend to place your CCTV Recorder? We suggest to place it next to a screen and modem router to reduce cabling works. Additional cost will be incurred if your installer lays 1 cable for the monitor (cable type : AV / VGA / HDMI) and 1 cable for the modem router (cable type : network cable Cat5e / Cat6). Another option besides laying cable is you can use a WIFI Dongle for the DVR which is also available in our store!

#4. Choose a bigger capacity hard disk if you want longer storage period and remember to pick a Surveillance/CCTV Hard Disk instead of desktop/computer hard disk. Surveillance hard disk is designed for 24/7 non-stop usage and low in noise. Our CCTV recorder's GUI is user-friendly, smart and it's engineered for highly customizable settings where you can choose to record in CONTINUOUS / MOTION / MIXED modes (CONTINUOUS for crucial area and MOTION for less-common area). Example, 4 channels with 500gb hard disk installed: continuous recording can record up to 5 days based on 960H resolution and 25fps; motion recording mode can record up to 10 days.

#5. Request your installer to use high quality cables and piping/casing conduit when laying cables. Please ensure you use VDE Cable (Full Copper) for power especially if you plan to conceal the cables. Try not to cut cost when it comes to security!

#6. Online remote viewing can be done on your own if you have some basic knowledge in computer networking. Get to know your modem router's brand and model then search online (e.g. Youtube) for tutorials or otherwise arrange a CCTV specialist to setup for you at a cost.

#7. Here is a list of items you will need if you plan to DIY :
CCTV Camera(s)
CCTV Recorder (DVR)
CCTV Hard Disk
Power Supply (for CCTV Cameras)
POE Switch (optional for IP Cameras)
Lightning Isolator (optional)
Connectors : BNC Twist On Type - for Video
Connectors : DC Plug Male - for Power
Cable : Video Cable (RG59 / RG6 - for Analog Range)
Cable : Data Cable (Cat5e / Cat6 - for IP Range)
Cable : Power Cable (VDE preferred)
Piping/Casing (purchase from hardware store)
Wall Mount Bracket for Dome Camera (optional) DIY

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